Our Clients

Higher Education

Higher education administrators must cope with business, academic, and political challenges as a matter of routine. As a partner to clients in large university systems, small colleges, and for-profit education, Jaffe Dickerson provides experienced counsel and advising on a broad range of... Continue reading

Nonprofit Organizations

It’s hard work launching a nonprofit—and even tougher to keep one running year after year. Even with the best marketing efforts, most people who donate in the first year of launch will not return in the second year. And only a small proportion of supporters will sign up for ... Continue reading


Every employer is different, but they all agree on one thing: the more employees you have, the more challenges you face. Personality differences, leadership styles, process change, and the need for accommodation can make expansion a tense time.

Time is of the essence... Continue reading

Educational Entities

You saw a need. You developed a plan. You applied for a public grant and got it. Congratulations—you are now a provider agency! Along with your new status, you now have some hefty new compliance requirements. You need a knowledgeable legal consultant to help build your organization and... Continue reading