Educational Entities

You saw a need. You developed a plan. You applied for a public grant and got it. Congratulations—you are now a provider agency! Along with your new status, you now have some hefty new compliance requirements. You need a knowledgeable legal consultant to help build your organization and contribute to governance and operations oversight.

Staying ahead of Head Start

For nearly three decades, Jaffe Dickerson has worked closely with community support programs—especially Head Start grantees and delegate agencies—to make sure that they remain in compliance, even as regulations shift around them. It's not enough to have someone with a law degree on the governing board: regulations state that programs must have access to a licensed attorney familiar with Head Start. Jaffe Dickerson is this resource.

Helping to bring the mission into focus

In addition to legal counsel, Jaffe also provides strategic guidance to the agencies he represents. And if a serious rift has developed between the Office of Head Start and a program grantee, or between the agency's board and its Policy Council or Policy Committee, Jaffe can provide mediation or arbitration so that agencies can resolve their internal differences and return to the work at hand. 

To find out more about Jaffe and his services, contact him to schedule a consultation.