Every employer is different, but they all agree on one thing: the more employees you have, the more challenges you face. Personality differences, leadership styles, process change, and the need for accommodation can make expansion a tense time.

Time is of the essence

When a conflict arises, you know you need to act quickly to investigate—or maybe you’re facing a chronic dispute that needs outside review. In either situation, Jaffe Dickerson Legal and Consulting has the expertise you require. With more than 30 years’ experience in labor and employment law at one of the most prestigious national employment law firms, Jaffe provides sure-handed, level-headed investigation and prompt, no-nonsense reporting.

Helping you manage your managers

In addition to workplace investigations, Jaffe also conducts executive counseling and management development programs to address concerns that may be keeping executives or senior leaders from seeing the best results of their leadership. His expertise includes ethics and compliance, diversity and inclusion, discrimination and harassment, alternative dispute resolution, workplace violence prevention, performance management, and executive employment agreements.

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