Our Services

Advising & Consulting for Educational Entities

Jaffe Dickerson has been representing educational entities for nearly 40 years. His services include legal representation for public and private educational institutions, strategic advising for institutions at all levels, legal consulting and strategic advising for public and private educational agencies, strategic guidance on the effective integration of campus support entities, consulting and representation for California State University Auxiliary Organizations, investigations into compliance investigations, faculty and academic affairs investigations, mediation, and arbitration.

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Workplace Investigations & Executive Counseling

For nearly three decades, Jaffe Dickerson has worked as a specialist in the field of labor and employment law. His services include workplace investigations and rapid reporting, and management development programs on topics such as alternative dispute resolution, workplace violence prevention, performance management, executive employment agreements, and executive development counseling.

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Legal Advising for Nonprofit Organizations

Jaffe Dickerson has represented public and private nonprofit organizations for more than two decades and is keenly aware of the economic and cultural challenges that nonprofits face today. His advising for nonprofit groups is geared toward helping them find and mobilize alternative revenue streams. This can include activities such as assessing the use and marketability of existing assets, coordinating the secondary use of assets, integration and coordination with other nonprofits, and educating supporters about opportunities for planned giving.

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