Advising & Consulting for Educational Entities

Jaffe Dickerson has been committed to the success of educational entities for nearly 40 years. He adheres to the highest standards of ethics and service, providing realistic guidance and seeking cost-effective resolutions that respect his clients’ resources and mission. Specific services for educational entities include

  • Legal representation for public and private educational institutions, and affiliated entities
  • Strategic advising for institutions at all levels — including Early Head Start, Head Start, K–12, colleges and universities, and graduate/professional schools
  • Legal consulting and strategic advising for public and private educational agencies, including grant-holders and delegate agencies
  • Strategic guidance on the effective integration of campus support entities
  • Consulting and representation for California State University Auxiliary Organizations
  • Compliance investigations, including Title IX
  • Faculty and academic affairs investigations, e.g., complaints of harassment, differential treatment, or denial of tenure
  • Mediation and/or arbitration

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